PET/CT Scan done… now we wait until Monday.

Gail had her PET/CT scan this morning. Of course, we don’t know any more than we did going in, but this will give the two doctors handling her case some more ammo to take to the Tumor Board tomorrow.

(Actually, when I think of a large hospital’s Tumor Board, which is the group that examines each cancer case to come before it to either agree or disagree with a plan for dealing with it, I sort of imagine a Supreme Court — or, if you will, a Harry Potter type setting where professors wearing Merlin hats and long, white beards sit at the head of the room and summon the doctors up one at a time. “You! Step forward and present your tumor!” But I digress.)

It took awhile.

For one thing, forms.

Yes, this was the SIXTH time she’s had to answer the same questions.

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