Gail meets radiation oncologist, gets some pain relief

Since we came home from our Hospital/Hotel adventure on Saturday, things have been more or less quiet.  Over the weekend and through the early part of the week, Gail’s throat pain got worse and worse.

So let me tell you, I am in LOVE with the care she is getting from the University of Maryland Medical Center. I found her doctor’s e-mail and shot him a note. He answered in THREE MINUTES! I asked about pain meds, and he said that, as dumb as it may sound, leave the hydrocodone-acetominophen alone for the rest of the day and just get some Extra Strength Tylenol. Take those for the rest of the day, along with as much ice cream, popsicles, etc., that she can stand. “Oooh, she’ll HATE that,” I said. Then he called his nurse and she called me and we have her PET scan all set up. That will be tomorrow at 9 am.

Today, we met Dr. Suntha, the radiation oncologist.  Seems like a great guy.

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The Next Step — the Pre-Op Eval

7:45 am.

It’s that time of the morning where my bride and I sip delicious, freshly ground coffee and retire to our separate corners to review the news.  She goes into the office and uses our son’s PC, I sit here at the former kitchen table that serves as my desk and look for right wing nut jobs to insult on Twitter — that is, after I’ve checked the news that has transpired from the evening before.

It’s a quiet, peaceful time.  Usually there’s a black border collie (Raven) curled at my feet.  Today she’s crashed out on the couch.  Our little blond German Shepherd (Shiloh) is laying on the office floor keeping Gail company.

Don’t be fooled for a moment.  These dogs SAY they love us.  But we know that we exist only for the pleasure and comfort we can provide them. Continue reading