Whaddya Know? The Pre-Op Eval Went Smoothly!

We got to the hospital at about 11:30 and used the valet parking this time.  We checked in, and instead of stickers for our shirts, they gave us bands for our wrists.  I had to sneak my sweatshirt cuff under mine, cuz the sticky crap was pulling the hair out of my wrist.

Not sure if I was breaking any law here, but what the hell.

Gail filled out the paperwork… 4th time for many of these questions… and they called her back 2 minutes before her appointment time.  She was out of there shortly before 1 and we came home.

Piece of cake!

Her procedure will be 9am on Friday, but they want her there by 7am.  That’s good.  By early afternoon she should be awake and in good shape to meet with the docs and we all can decide on what happens next.

Today’s events were in the actual hospital, which is actually quite the cool place!

This is actually inside the hospital!

Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll go to the Marriott, check in, have a nice dinner, relax, then it’s off to the hospital for her operative endoscopy on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, we should know the score — or at least the rules of the game.


2 thoughts on “Whaddya Know? The Pre-Op Eval Went Smoothly!

  1. I’m really sorry to learn about this, truly. As much as I disagree with some of your politics and antics, I never would wish this kind of bad luck on you and your fine wife. I pray that she is able to respond to treatment and enjoy a strong, healthy recovery.


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