The Next Step — the Pre-Op Eval

7:45 am.

It’s that time of the morning where my bride and I sip delicious, freshly ground coffee and retire to our separate corners to review the news.  She goes into the office and uses our son’s PC, I sit here at the former kitchen table that serves as my desk and look for right wing nut jobs to insult on Twitter — that is, after I’ve checked the news that has transpired from the evening before.

It’s a quiet, peaceful time.  Usually there’s a black border collie (Raven) curled at my feet.  Today she’s crashed out on the couch.  Our little blond German Shepherd (Shiloh) is laying on the office floor keeping Gail company.

Don’t be fooled for a moment.  These dogs SAY they love us.  But we know that we exist only for the pleasure and comfort we can provide them.

I didn't see your name on it, Mom!

Last night, for instance.  Gail got up to make a potty run during the Olbermann show.  The moment she arose from the couch, Shiloh insinuated herself into Gail’s well-padded, blanket-warmed corner and occupied it.  Gail came back from the bathroom.  Dog would not move.

And Raven? She’s no better.  If anything, she’s more stubborn.

"Dead, Dead, Dead. Don't bother me. I died."

I love these moments of quiet.  There will be chaos soon enough.

This afternoon, back to downtown Baltimore for Gail’s pre-op eval.  This really should not be that big of a deal.  I had the same thing done back in 2007 when I was in the Deep Brain Stimulation clinical trial at Vanderbilt.  They just want to see if there’s any potential problems that could pop up during anesthesia.  Chest x-ray, ekg, probably a lung function test.  We should be in and out of there in a couple hours.

Hopefully sometime today we’ll hear from whoever is in charge of the PET/CT scan scheduling.  Once the insurance company decides my wife gets to stay alive, we’ll hear something I suppose.

So, I’ll enjoy the morning and prepare for the hectic afternoon.

Today, we’ll use the valet parking.

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