One Notices a Certain Sense of Disarray Among the U-M Medical Center Staff

I’m sure they’re all just lovely people.  But both Gail and I noticed from our first exposure to the U-Md. ENT Clinic yesterday that there’s a certain, well… “attitude” among the clerical workers at the place.  Let me see if I can sum it up for you in three letters.


We were told to arrive early yesterday.  We did.  Gail was told to sign the “sign in” clipboard.  She did.  Her appointment was at 10am.  She wasn’t even called back to have her vitals checked until 10:50.

Once we were with the medical staff, all went well, all went smoothly and we couldn’t have been happier.  Then the doctors suggested that we wait out in the waiting room until the OR scheduler could meet with us.  This was at about 11:20 am.

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